No I’m NOT critizing Anyone and I’m NOT judging Anyone. and I’m NOT just talking about the oil. I’m speaking the truth,And what I see and Hear,And I base what I know on fact NOT fantasy. Most people are putting President Bush up as if he was a god. And If anyone gets offended about anything that I say, Please do take it up with God in Heaven, And for that Question,Am I going to Critize Jesus when he comes back ? to My Oponion,I think that question was rude , heartless, and Chirst like.Also I’m giving you people the Facts,The Truth and most seem to want to take a FEW Words Out Of My Messages (THE TRUTH) and Foucs On Them To dog me down…And Classifing Bush next to Jesus Christ in part of your message above,==&gtnow you are back critizing Bush for everything he does. Are you going to critize Jesus when he comes back too? ).I for 1 think that EXTREAMLLY Disrespectful to Jesus Christ in Heaven Above, Well dear friend, I PRAY that Jesus Christ takes what you said Lightly.God Bless You & Love you in Christ, GM


Soldier4God wrote:

G M wrote:

Watch how I put this==> (I know everyone is not a christian, Most are Christians, few are *Christ*ians.) , Let me put it to you this way, According to the Gallup poll, there are 70 Million Christians in the U.S.A., How many do you think are witnessing for Jesus Christ on a daily basis? I know for a fact, Not Many. See I spoke about Protecting the Children from Filth, and All you had to some back with was this=>…(Well of course because not everyone are Christians… You cannot judge the war by the actions of a few soldiers). I’m not Judging , I’m standing up for the Children,and Our Country and what I believe in & Thats God in Heaven and His Ways and Walking with HIM and Obeying HIM. And My Little Brother, If you can’t understand that, Then you need to take it up with God In Heaven. I love you & God Bless You, GM

The part I don’t understand here is you started by talking about the war and Bush and you said he was after oil, then said American Christians arn’t spreading the word and now you are back critizing Bush for everything he does. Are you going to critize Jesus when he comes back too?


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