Hiya Chris,

Thanks for your reply, See its not just the oil, its everthing else as well.it’s (Greed)and Greed, as I’m sure you know, is a sin against God In Heaven.And on the other hand, I personally don’t think it wouldn’t hurt Americans to ruff it.( Live of the Land)I personally think,Most.(But not all) American people are (Greedy, Selfish & Lazy) Yeah Know? I’m not judging, But I know what I see, and I base this from Fact. American/s Are Blessed and Standing on a Gold mine*So to speak* and want MORE,As if America/ns doesn’t have enough,already.Yeah know? God in Heaven has been Blessing The American Nation for YEARS. And what Kind of Thanks does the Americans Give God In Heaven?…. They KICK HIM full force to the curb.as if HE is nothing, God is long suffering,and I know that, But,I wonder,… How long does (The Americans, The Iraqies,& other countries) think that God in Heaven will put up with all of this?. I think that it is for the Best to Pray and Fast at least 3 times a week, to show God in Heaven that we are serious about our prayers and we look to HIM to guide us.Also that We love America,Our Troops the people in America and on this earth, We should also Have & Show love for Saddam, and his people, (Remember,*verse written in red* (KJV-Matthew 5:44,But I say unto you,Love your enemies,bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you,and pray for them which despitefully use you,and persecute you; )

Everyone have a wonderful day in Christ, God Bless, GM

Minnesota Chris wrote:

I guess if you think that if that is the reason that we are at war because of the oil…then I would have to agree. But I have read many things on how sadam treats his people…how he treats women and other evil things that he does. He trains his solders how to cheat, lie and and use any one for his gain, even if it means death.

I think that we are stopping evil in it’s tracks…..I am proud of our President, he prays every day and I continue to pray for him. I am praying that the end result of all of this, will bring a open door to bring our saviors word in to Iraq and other countries!!!

Your sister in Christ Jesus…

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