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Hi guys, I had to share this with you. I had been asking god for a wonderful godly wife for so long, I had other women before throughout my life and I was even married before but was unequally yoked and had alot of problems day in and day out because this woman never cared about the things of god only her self. Eventually me and this woman got divorced and the lord has provided me with a special lady who is after his own heart. God has found my Soul Mate. I am so happy and excited and I am looking forward to marrying her next year August and sharing life’s many blessings and overcoming life’s many trials with her by my side. Before I did things my way in choosing a good woman and failed but after releasing this prayer into god’s hands he came through for me beyond my expectation. Now I truly feel complete, god is truly the perfect matchmaker and I thank him with all my heart. Emelie and myself are so compatible and has balanced each other out. I love the lord so much for his favour and kindness that he has shown to me. Her name is Emelie who is a filipino and she is christian who has a humble spirit, content with life and who loves the lord with all her heart. Please pray for us that god will bless and prosper us abundantly in every area of our lives and that he will cover us with his amazing love always. P.S, When asking god for anything in your life be specific and tell him exactly what you want and how it will benefit him to his honour and glory, you will be amazed when god answers your prayer, he might take his time before he answers you but god’s delays are not god’s denials. Keep trusting in him and believe he can do anything. I am a witness of that and my life just keeps getting better and better because of him. To god be the glory great things he has done. God bless you all.

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