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Did you know that in the mid-sixties there was a group that went around proclaiming they were God’s undercover network???? If you really believed that I have some refrigerators ready to sell to Eskimo’s in Alaska if they have a heat wave along the polar circle. Iam not saying the network statement was a joke but the belief in it was.

We go through radical extremes in the body when people become so involved in wild hairs that they become so heavenily minded they are no earthly good. Now Enoch walked and talked with God and God took him. The relationship Enoch had was not a flaky superspiritual kind of a thing but one of reality in God and as he drew closer to God he separated further from the world till he was in the Kingdom of heaven and never saw death.

What am I saying by this??? There is an element of the Body of called church in name only beginning to appear that are really frightening as the ministry offers to exchange a gift of the ministry effectively to the highest bidder. A group is coming to the Orlando area where I live to investigate and probably plant a church and in the first service they will probably have hundreds there.

I can not and will not give a name but this man is known as a prophetic voice in the ministry and has given words of prophetic types to the individuals in congregations for certain amounts of pledges. This possibly is the most unethical form of ministry conduct I know of .

Since all of this is going on, there is an element of believers being prophesied into ministry with certain spiritual gifts that are imparted by this higher level of ministry. These peole have been spoken of as God’s unknown or little known troops that will be revealed in these days.

There is no location in the cover’s of the Bible that this can be proven. There is a set criteria for ministry gifts and gifts of the spirit and to go outside of this is pure and simple heresy.

I am in all reality saying that the undercover spys in the Kingdom of God have been fired,because they never were called of God. They were misled by keeping their eyes on men and not the kingdom.

Be careful with the Words of men are merchandised for money, Be careful when a prophetic Word is offered to you for a contribution. The thing of it is you can get the same or a more reliable word for your self if you pay the price of study, prayer and waiting on God. The Word of God tells us draw nigh to God and he will draw nigh to you, The word tells us if he is going to do something he will tell the prophets first, God is not into delivery boys for personal messeges.

I used to minister in personal prophecy heavily and now I do only in a limited basis because people rather than get the Word for themselves will come ask have you gota word for me??

I usually reply now Yes –go read the word and get it the same place I did!!!

This is an apostate group imitating the truth of the Word and they can be identified by how often they us the personal pronoun I instead of pointing you to the Lord. The Bible says by their fruit you will know them so take a course in fruit inspecting –get into the Word of God!!!!!!

It is time to realize because the ministry has a large name don’t take it for granted!! INSPECT THE FRUIT. IF you see some thing wrong don’t go become God’s mouhpiece and talk about it loud and long. GET ON YOUR KNEES AND TATTLE TO YOUR HEARTS CONTENT!!!! Then get up and watch God do the Job.

There is a remnant that the Word of God speaks of and that is the church that will populate heaven and there is nothing that can be said to be undercover about them ,ask them and they will tell you who they are.

The remnant is the group that speaks ,eats and lives the Word(Rom.8:1) and you will know them by their fruits . They will be the real ones taking back the kingdom in the earth. remember it wasn’t the ten thousand Gideon took but the three hundred and Jesus started with twelve. It’s not the number but the heart the individual has for God.

This phoney thing, of me and my gifts are about over because there is a wave of truth in the Lord on the Horizon that won’t be denied and is sweeping the land.

It is not about dancing ,singing and displaying in some spirit;it is the time of Ephesians 6 and war in the land. When this thing is over believe me there will be a hallelujah hoedown and rejoicing in the Spirit because the king will have come.

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