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I just wanted to share with everyone about the Gift of live from the sandess of death. You see my land lord a very beautiful carring man just received a kidney and pancreus from a young man who died at the young age of 20 a week ago in Az. When this young man died he became a Hero to 4 people when he gave them life from his death. I want God to Bless this young mans family with the joy of knowing that part of him lives on and find comfort in the fact that he died a Hero. I know they had to make a very hard decision when they chose to give life from his death. I feel that he truely must be in Heaven now. I also pray that the 4 that God helped through this young mans death will live to be healthy people until the day that God calls them home and they can Thank the young man for the life that he gave them. I pray their bodies don’t reject what they had been given from this beautiful young man. Oh how I praise God for the Gift of Life from the Sadness of Death. Amen

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