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My name is Brian and my wife and I have a calling to go into full time missions in Mexico. We are praying for the opportunity to begin our ministry within the next couple of years. We have an organization, training camp, etc. all in place but are being told by most missions organizations that we need to have NO debt to begin. We certainly agree with this and want this all to be in God’s timing and with His blessing but have about $100K in student loans that we need to pay down. The average person takes about 15 to 30 years to pay off such a debt, which would GROSSLY postpone our ministry in Mexico. We really believe we have a calling to do this and are aware that God WILL provide a way if that is the case but were hoping to get some ideas from you all on how to get this paid down faster. Any ideas?? Any way to write this off as a missionary? What are my options? HELP…

PLEASE REPLY TO info@de-novo-designs.com

Anxiously Awaiting His Return,


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