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Our Father loves us and wants the best for us. He knows our needs. Just as a good dad here on earth wants the best for his children, so does our Heavenly father.

My daughter recently had need of a car. She was driving by a used car lot a few weeks ago and the Lord said to her spirit “Pick one”. The next week driving by, the same thing “Pick one”. So she pulled into the lot, picked one and claimed it as her own. She also walked around it seven times claiming it as her car.

Now keep in mind that she had no money. She was waiting on her income tax refund but only expected enough to pay off a few bills and start divorce procedings against a unfit dad hooked on Meth. So as a believing child of the most high God she layed it in the Lords lap and didn’t worry about it but continued to thank the Lord for the car he was giving her. Her income tax refund turned out to be $2000.oo more than she expected which was a blessing in itself. So she then had $2000.00 for the car God had promised her. The only problem was that the asking price of the car was $4900.00. Even so we went to the car dealer, she drove the car and loved it. (Of course! God wouldn’t tell her to pick a lemon now would he?)

So she goes to the dealer and says “You’re going to think I’m crazy but I want this car and I only have $2000.00” So he asked her “What kind of payments can you make?” And she said “None, I’m going through a divorce and can’t afford any payments. And the Lord told me that I could have this car debt free.” (My daughter is BOLD in her faith!) The man laughs and tells her that he will call around and find her a car that she could afford and that he would call her in an hour to let her know what he found. So we came home and went to the Lord in Prayer again. We said “Lord, you said that she could have that car. Not another one. We know that our faith is stronger than any earthly influence and we ask that you give us divine favor with this man.” And once again we thanked God for divine favor and we thanked him for Deb’s new car. Within a few minutes the phone rang and it was the man saying ” Bring your $2000.00 and come get your car” He even included the tax into the $2000.00. Isn’t God AWESOME???

Pray with faith people. Pray expecting favor! God wants to bless those who are serving him but he expects us to pray in faith that he will provide our needs. Satan will fill your minds with garbage. he will tell you that you don’t deserve favor, that you’ve done to many bad things for God to bless you. SATAN IS A LIER!!! Tell him so.

May God bless all who read this,


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