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Received an email from a friend, Sue, that her mother in law, Jane, has been diagnosed with colon cancer that they feel has possibly metastasized. She had gone in for checkups for issues in March. In the process there have been problems with diagnosis, treatment, getting information, medical equipment not functioning, untimeliness of appointments and poor communication between medical personnel. In all of this she now has finally gotten tests this past week that gives her news of this with possible liver and lymph nodes involved along with the colon. It has been mentally difficult to deal with the lack of good care and all the blockades that have kept concise medical care from occuring. Her son, Bill, is finally back in the country since he was overseas for work. He is getting her to hospital center in large city miles from there home to get second opinion for how treatment should be, and if results received so far are accurate. Please pray for complete healing for Jane, and for strength, comfort, wisdom and discernment for Bill and Sue, medical staff and anyone else involved in this situation.

Thank you in advance for your faithfulness. God is an awesome healing God and I believe in this miracle that is needed.

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