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Hi everyone,

I need you all to pray for my cousin. Her name is April and she’s 12 years old. When she was seven the doctors found a mass on her lung and had to preform an emergency operation on her. They took a large portion of her lung. That was five years ago. Last week her knee started to swell and of course most parents think that its because the kid fell, but her knew stayed that way. After two days the mother (Missy) took her to the Doc. and he had x-rays taken. The results are still fuzzy but they gave them a few choices.

The choice that the whole family is hoping for is that it’s something that can be taken care of with medication, but the doctor doubts that.

Another choice is that they need to operate and remove the problem and she will heal up.

A third option is that if the knee has a cyst or something worse they might have to take her leg off.

A fourth and the one we fear the most is that this problem was caused by the same one as her lung. The worry is that she has cancer and that the doctors didn’t see that when they operated on her lung. There other main concern is that if this is the problem then where else might she have a cyst or a tumor.

As you can imagine this is very hard on a family. Not only pray for the little girl but pray for the family. This is a very weak Christian family. They believe in God but well, I guess you all can imagine, they don’t live a Christian life. Pray that God can heal this little girl and pray for comfort for the family.

She goes to Hershey Medical center tomorrow to see if she needs an operation or not. Please pray for her


His Loyal Servant


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