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Hi Eric,

No, I think credentials do matter. If one does not know the science behind the Theory of Evolution, then how can they presume to know the full implications therein? How can they have enough information to make an intelligent objective decision?

For the most part, I completely agree with your post. As a scientist, I must concede that there is a chance that the theory of evolution may be wrong. Here are my arguments:

1) There is no proof that the Theory of Evolution is incorrect. There is a lot of data which can be interpreted to support the Theory.

2) There is no empirical evidence that Creationism (not a Theory) is correct. There is a lot of data which suggests Creationism is wrong.

3) All things considered, there is more tangible evidence (read empirical evidence not faith or beliefs) that supports Evolution over Creationism.

I think being a scientist requires one to be open to all possibilities. Despite the tone of my posts, my true frustration lies in people looking at evolution superficially. Brushing it off like it is some conspiracy to take down religion.

If one takes a scientific look at evolution and decides that it is bunk, then that is fine. As I said befone, I know a few friends in the PhD program who do not believe in Evolution. However, at least they are educated in the Theory of Evolution.

But as you know, Theories stand until proven wrong. There are many facts that suggest Evolution is correct, as you said, it lies in the interpretation. But doesn’t everything depend on interpretation? When you look at your data and analyze it, aren’t you interpreting the numbers and evidence to come up with a conclusion.

The Theory of Evolution is no different from any other scientific theory developed with the scientific theory. The Theory of Relativity may be proven wrong or amended once we have better technology, right?

I agree that we all should be more open minded. Evolutionists to the possibility that we may be wrong and God created everything. And Creationist to the possibility that evolutionists are right. But I’m sick and tired of Creationists attacking the Theory without using a logical scientific method. Science is supposed to be objective.

Once one allows religion cloud one’s objective mind, the data may not be interpreted intelligently. Just like when one knows what the answer should be, and subconsciously tries to skew the data to come to that conclusion by using spurious statistics.

What about possibility C?

That a supreme being created all of life, but the Bible is still wrong. What if Zeus really created the universe and life in one month? Are you open to that possibility?

My personal belief is that a Supreme Being created that original dense core of matter. Then the Being allowed the mass to explode (Big Bang) and run its course to the universe we know today. I believe that the Being set all of the physical constants to constrain the randomness. I also believe that this Being is omniscient, but not all powerful and our reality is governed by random chance and probability.

Take care,

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