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This is short one. My new argument…

The problem comes at this intersection of science and religion.

If one has faith in a religion, then one cannot accept Evolution as a full science or truth. Because if Evolution were true, a major corner of the foundation of Christianity would crumble. Genesis would be wrong. Which has two implications: 1) God is wrong, or 2) God did not write the Bible. Both have serious consequences to the faith. These serious consequences have led many to try to prove Evolution wrong.

Those who have studied evolution and are religious have to make comprimises. Either in their Faith or in their Science. An example of comprising science is to concede that “there is nothing more we can decipher”. That is the “irreducibility” clause in Intelligent design. Of religion, perhaps they don’t take the Bible literally. I have to agree with Christine. It’s either 100% or 0%. But others (so far all of my religious, scientist, colleague) disagree.

But I cannot argue against religion. It’s futile. It will take more than data, facts and big terms to undermine the faith of a believer.

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