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Hi Everyone

Being a theistic evolutionist (which i have heard of ) is clearly compromising what the Bible says and what Man says. Also, as I explained in an earlier post, how can God say the World is “very good” when death has already occured to get Adam and eve to where they are??? Another thing- the Bible states in Adam all die, in other words, there was no death until Adam sinned against God by eating fromt the tree in the middle of the Garden of Eden- so HOW could there be death before Adam-

you are calling God a liar, the way i see it- i mean, i really don’t understand how you can take bits and pieces from the Bible and accept them, but leave out all the stuff or change all the stuff that doesn’t fit evolution.

i believe God wants all or nothing from us- we either have to accept his Word 100% or 0%. After all, Jesus gave all he had- his life! God despises lukewarm Christians. I do not think that you can believe evolution and claim to be a christian- i am not judgin your salvation only God can do that…

Jesus quoted from Genesis MANY times in the Bible- He believed it and if someone claims to beleive in Jesus, they HAVE to accept Genesis as well.


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