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o According to your logic, there would be only one type of bird, reptile, mammal, etc. Instead we have many types of lizards, Jays, and mice. Sure you could argue that God put them here, but we can look at their genetic code and see startling similarities that show a lineage much like a family tree.

Sir, this entire debate is predicated on the understanding of who God is to you. I too am a Scientist and my electives were focused on vertebrate natural history and evolution. Two schools of thought here.

1) God is a creation of man to explain things that man cannot understand…yet. And as man begins to understand THIER God gets smaller and smaller, because He is a creation in the mind of that man. Although these people may be very religious church attendees.

2) God created man and belief in Him follows His guide. The bible says that God formed and breathed in Man where he mererly created the plants, animals and other living things in the earth. This may have something to do with why plants and animals have evolved to an extent differently than man.

There are Theistic Evolutionists that are rarely represented in this kind of debate.

I am one and I am also a minister. God is very real and in charge of life on earth. He set rules and principles in motion for natural things to include man, however spiritual things follow another set of principles. And the only living thing that can have a spiritual relationship with God is man.

Therefore God would not have created a monkey to have a spiritual relationship with him once he evolves into man.

Which came first God or science! Science is truly a seeking to explain God. Scientists…if God is not your Lord through Jesus Christ you will be confounded in your seeking. He uses the foolish things of the world to confound the “wise”.

He did it…it up to Him to reveal it. Scientists, your view of yourself in light of God can hinder or help you get some understanding of His principle of creation.

Christians, you must seek to know God and let Him reveal Himself to you. We hurt ourselves and make a mockery of christianity when we don’t spiritually seek God for intellectual understanding of His hand in the earth.

p.s. Genetics really explain God more that it denies Him. His fingerprint is all over human development.

Spiritually seek Gods physical hand to explain the intellectual truth.


Love you all, grace and peace

Sean Friendly

U.S. Army Environmental Scientist

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