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“i know that websites and all that can answer my questions and yeah… well you said: “We have evidence of the progession between lesser animals. The rise of birds from reptiles or the transition from fish to amphibian. There is a lot of data. There is also appreciable data on human evolution as well.” like what- no fossils that i have heard of! I’ll post more on this later.”

There are several known human species. The websites that I have posted clearly show that. Homo sapiens evolved from the earlier hominid species.

“So what is your best evidence for evolution? ”

It doesn’t matter, because it won’t be good enough for you.

I could cite the fact that our genetic code is 98% similar to the apes.

I could cite that there are clear fossil records that illustrate how birds took flight.

It could go on and on.

“just wondering, sorry- i am not doing this to be a pest”

I think you should question everything. You question evolution like I question Christianity. It’s all good. It’s all great for the brain!

“the best evidence i have for creation is me, you, any other person… i mean… i cannot look at a human being and go “Oh your just a product of random mutations…” we are all to special for that- i mean, oh my gosh… wow… we are all made in God’s image and we have a design. we have souls-minds-hearts… if your brain is just a bunch of random chemicals how can you really trust your reasoning? this baffles me!”

Honestly, it baffles me as well. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible.

” the intricate designe of everything- the Earth’s position relative from the sun…

and also, i believe in adaptations- this is NOT i repeat NOT evolution- there is a HUGE difference between micro and macro evolution.”

Well, it’s not a leap in logic. An e.coli does not enjoy the conciousness that we enjoy (as far as we know). All it can do to survive is to continue to modify its genetic code on a random basis to survive. Eventually, an entire population may become a separate species all together.

” In school, i am taught microevolution (eg. this cockroach became resistent to pesticides) and then they say “well the cockroach is changing so therefore that proves that we all evolved from primordial soup.” it is still a cockroach!!!!! (talk about bait and switch…) ”

Evolution has taken place over billions of years!!! Eukaryotes formed 3 billion years ago. Modern humans took to the earth about 200,000 years ago. How can one fathom that time scale!?!

“another question- to create life (as many have tried in the laboratory) do you need oxygen? if so- i was taught that the early atmosphere had very very little oxygen (not enough for life) but also that when scientists tried to create life in the lab, they excluded oxygen from their experiment b/c oxygen would destroy the amino acids (the building blocks of organic life)

maybe im wrong and my teacher didn’t know what he was talking about ”

The basic building blocks for life on Earth is carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen (CHON). Oxygen existed, I think in the form of carbon dioxide and water and probably other oxides. CHON has been shown to create primitive life forming molecules (ie amino acids, which contains CHON) in the lab under conditions which resemble the early atmosphere.

Soon ancient life (unicellular bacteria and algae)produced the oxygen that we breath today. Plants continue to make oxygen for us, as do algae and some bacteria. There are still maybe primitive organisms dutifully making atmospheric oxygen.

“But again i disagree that Creation is not a worthy opponent for evolution. You make it sound as if evolution is the ONLY option and it is not. Evolution is a religion, in my opinion, as well. ”

Look, I’ll gladly have a debate over whether Evolution is valid scientifically. But it is just absurd to suggest that it is a religion. If it is, then I want a holiday on Darwin’s birthday where we all give each other stuffed monkeys and cook a big turkey and sing evolution spirituals.

“The thing is- if you have a preconceived idea, all data you are given you are going to interpret to fit your preconceived idea. Like I can go with you to the Grand canyon- You say: “Wow look what millions of years of piling layers did!” or whatever you think. I say: “Wow- look what the Biblical flood did in about a year!” ”

Yes, but you can do experiments to show that the rock can be carved by water. You cannot do such experiments with the Bible. One requires faith while the other requires scientific inquiry. Besides when a groupd of skeptics look at the data and form the same conclusion, what then?

You could be right. We could all be looking at the data with subjective minds. In that case, start a lab and try to disprove it. Evolution will not be shot down simply by quoting genesis. It would need people who dedicate their lives to science and determined to view it in a different light.

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