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“Ok to keep it simple if we came from Apes or monkeys why are there still apes and monkeys. Do we see this animal in transition ??? No! So thats it God created Adam and Eve and all the heavens and the earth an all things in it. ”

Extinction is just a part of evolution. Many species become extinct before they can evolve. Many species evolve into a more fit species, which then forces their ancestors into extinction. Evolution is not linear. It is like the branches of a tree. Apes/monkeys were on the trunk, and humans branched off while the Ape/monkey trunk continued to evolve.

According to your logic, there would be only one type of bird, reptile, mammal, etc. Instead we have many types of lizards, Jays, and mice. Sure you could argue that God put them here, but we can look at their genetic code and see startling similarities that show a lineage much like a family tree.


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