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I know that evolution is regarded as fact now a days But I am supposed to be educated not indoctrinated and by only showing the evolution side of science my school is indoctrinating me- i mean, if everyone in public school grows up only hearing about evolution OF COURSE today’s society will regard it as fact… it’s all they have ever been taught.

CREATION is the other side and I strongly disagree that Creation does not have enough scientific evidence backing it up. As to the fossils in Africa that are “really old”- quote from the article cited below: “It was dated by comparing the age of 42 species of surrounding animal and plant fossils (elephants, crocodiles, lizards) that have been dated in other geographical locations in this same ancient time period. The researchers repeatedly use the rock layers to date the fossils and index fossils to date the rocks.”

*********also, here is some info on the fossil in Africa if some of you haven’t heard about it: it was a skull from Chad, Africa that was designated as a new pre-human species, Sahelanthropos tchadensis. It is 6-7 million years old, and that makes it fill in a 5 million year time gap since the oldest ape-like fossils are dated 7-8 million years old, the oldest hominids around 2 million. So is this the missing link??? well… a similar fossil skul- discovered in the 1960s- was for 20 years accepted as that of a hominid but in fact, turned out to be that of a gorilla. Brigette Senut of the Natural History Museum in Paris says that this skull from Africa is nothing more that the skull of a female gorilla. Chris Stringer, from the Human Origins Group at the Natural History Museum in London says:”I don’t think we can say it’s a human relative, or even whether it’s male or female” another thing- they only have a skull (two lower-jaw fragments and 3 isolated teeth. they think all the teeth are from the same species) and therefore nothing to prove it walked upright or to discover what sex it was.******************

There’s a little background info on the fossil in Africa.

(Fossil Find in Africa:More monkey Business http://www.drdino.com/cse.asp?pg=articles&specific=37

– July 10,2003: this article lists these reference Sources:

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As for Neanderthal, just because they look “slightly different” than homo sapiens does not mean they were sub human. This assumptin is based on the fact that evolution is true. how many actual “neanderthal” fossils have been found anyway? again just curious.

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Free thinker wrote:

“you are correct it is an assumption. so if it is not fact how come i am taught it as fact in school? ”

I’m being politically correct. The Theory of evolution is widely regarded as fact. Why was I taught that Einstein’s Theory of Relativity was fact?

Why are we taught that any Theory is a fact? A Theory is a politically correct fact.

“how come no other side is presented? ”

There is no other side. There are no competing scientific theories. There are scientific debates over the details of evolution, but there are no data which suggests an alternate theory. If a theology class wishes to teach creationism, that’s fine. But Genesis is NOT science.

“maybe humans haven’t always looked this way, but i would be interested to know: to which fossils are you referring? i am just wondering.”

Recently, fossils have been found in Africa which are really old. But Neanderthals looked slightly different than homo sapiens.

For more info check out this nice website:


It’s nice because it clearly outlines:

1) The facts

2) The competing sub-theories

3) The debates that scientists have about how to interpret the facts.

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