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“That humans evolved from apes is an assumption not a fact. History and fossill record proves we as human have not always looked as we do today. ”

Right. I think the ape to man thing has been overplayed. I’m referring to that classic diagram of ape progressing to man in the museums.

I think the newer theories says that ape and man have a common ancestor, which is long extinct.

One thing I always stress is that it may be an assumption, interpretation, whatever, but the data supports such assumptions. It’s not like scientists are letting their imagination run wild without an iota of empirical evidence.

Speculation is the name of the game. There are many speculations, but only a few pass muster once we examine what we know is fact.

Humans, if we survive long enough, will continue to evolve. We are certainly getting fatter. Whether that translates to genetics remains to be seen.

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