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i would like to add something to my post: now that i think about it, maybe neither creation or evolution really has more evidence supporting it- maybe the interpretation of the facts just makes more sense. i mean, don’t we both (creationists and evolutionists) have the same facts…

i just reread my post for like the 4th time and i suddenly realized that maybe creation doesn’t have more evidence really, but just better interpretation of the facts… or maybe creation really does have more evidence.

And I would like to say the reason the Bible probably didn’t/doesn’t impress you is because it couldn’t be revealed in its entirity to you because you lack Jesus as your savior…

when you read the book as a Christian, your eyes are opened, you understand it and i agree with Dave!

The Bible’s wisdom can’t be completely understood even if you are the smartest person in the world- you must have Jesus. The Holy Spirit, the comforter and guide who was sent to earth after Jesus returned to heaven, is with us Christians all the time. He reveals the true meaning of the scriptures.

Maybe the Bible hasn’t made a profound effect on your life, but maybe someday a testimony will… and Jesus will become real to you the way He is to me.

God bless,

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