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Jeff: I think when I said “I hope all you really educated scholars out there who believe in Evolution won’t try to tear up my post and go thru it sentence by sentence disproving what i say” i understood that I don’t kno everything, and I have not been fully immersed in science.

I have, however, studied a lot on BOTH creation and evolution (because I can’t be so sure about Creation if I don’t even know what Evolution is all about, now can I?) I have to say that if you admit that Evolution could be wrong, then in school, why do they teach it to me as fact? I think for my church to teach me Creation is a fact is different b/c I go there by choice and I have accepted Jesus as my Savior BY CHOICE- I do not go to public school by choice, it is right now the only option for me, as well as a lot of other students… so why do they present only one side, or interpretation of facts or evidence that we may have- the Evolutionists’ side.

I was fortunate enough to have an awesome science teacher (Go Mr. Brady!) this year who said “Just because the text book says something as fact does not mean it is. You must look at it from all angles and decide for yourself whether it is true or not. And unfortunately, some of the things i am teaching you I do not agree with, but you must know them to pass the class”

You said : “This doesn’t exempt you, however, from faulty logic. There are many theories in science which cannot be proven directly. They are assumed true through indirect evidence. Your statement betrays your ignorance of science, the scientific method and how scientists think about and formulate theories.”

Thanks. I already know that im not like a big Scholar and all that good stuff. But I do know the scientific method, thank you. And it does not proove that i am completely “ignorant” about science (after all i just got out of an advanced science class at my high school, made a 98.7% in the class, so i can’t be all that ingnorant.)

My question is if evolution COULD be wrong… why is it still taught as fact to all of us kids in public school???

“Creationism does not enjoy more evidence. Just because you read a few websites or they’re easier to understand than science does not mean that there is more evidence.”

These are just SOME creation websites I have read. I have also read websites on Evolution but since I am trying to make a point about Creation why would I include those??? And I do not say that Creation is easier to understand. Just because I am only 14 does not mean I am 100% in the dark about evolution and its evidence and creation and its evidence. Creation is easier to understand because it makes sense and the evidence used to support it makes sense and also… to me… Creation has a God who cares about ME and i KNOW HE IS REAL. There is a God who changed my life at age 5 and I will never be able to deny that fact or to deny Him… so how can I deny what he teaches???

Talking about the bacteria in your post. “How? Natural Selection. Their DNA has changed to some degree. Somehow the DNA was modified to produce an antidote to the antibotic. They are slowly becoming a different organism, and quickly becoming a different strain.” BUT IT IS STILL A BACTERIA RIGHT??? I think this is an example of microevolution which is different than macroevolution.

“Christine, I hope that you approach education with an open mind. Learn it. Learn as much as you can. Knowledge is power. Even if you don’t believe in Evolution (many people don’t), do not allow yourself to be ignorant of evolution or any over topic. Once you understand the Theory of Evolution, you can dismiss it knowing that you know the premise of the idea.”

Obviously if I have studied and am continuing to study Creation and Evolution I am keeping an open mind. But keeping an open mind doesn’t mean I am going to change my mind or that I am going to bend God’s rules or be swayed in my faith. And again, i am not completely ignorant of evolution, perhaps somewhat more than those of you who have already completed high school, college, grad school… you know.

But I do know more about both subjects than most kids my age. In fact, I debated this guy last summer (i was 13, he was 15) in person and he admitted “You won” and i said “huh???” because he just said that in the middle of the debate. And he replied “I have to admit you know more about creation than i do evolution and it makes more sense than evolution does.” Maybe that’s because He didn’t know all about evolution. But I made a point to him and I pray that maybe somehow I touched his heart and he is a Christian now.

Well i am sure that you can find a ton of faults in this post too, and you know that’s fine cuz no one’s perfect, and if i have time i might post again!!! WHO KNOWS!

God bless

PS are there anymore Christian teens who believe in Creation but are going to public school and learning evolution!!!!!!!!!!

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