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“Evolution and creation is a serious issue. I believe that since it cannot be proven it shouldn’t be taught in Public schools. I mean, you have to accept the concepts Evolution thru faith since you were not acctually present during the Big Bang or you did not witness Cosmic or Stellar evolution. As a Christian i accept thru faith that God created the Heavens and the Earth… If both have to be accepted by faith than WHY is only ONE taught in school…

The difference is that Evolution is funded by our tax dollars (a gov funded religion!) so…

Since you are 14, I’ll concede that you haven’t been fully immersed into science. I didn’t learn many of the contemporary details and evidence of evolution until University.

This doesn’t exempt you, however, from faulty logic. There are many theories in science which cannot be proven directly. They are assumed true through indirect evidence. Your statement betrays your ignorance of science, the scientific method and how scientists think about and formulate theories.

Evolution could be wrong, just like everything else in science. I read the science journals every day. Often, contrary data is presented that shoots down earlier hypotheses and theories. As we learn, we amend.

Why teach science at all then?? Well, it teaches people who to think logically. Learning geometry seems pretty useless at the time, but learning how to think critically and to prove your point with Theories is critical to development.

BTW, Geometry should have taught us all the difference between a Law, a Theory, a Hypothesis, and an Axiom.

Creationism does not enjoy more evidence. Just because you read a few websites or they’re easier to understand than science does not mean that there is more evidence.

But let leave you something to ponder. There is a lot of talk today about bacteria and viruses. As we use antibotics at a high rate, bacteria begin to resist the antibotics.

That is these simple organisms somehow sense that an attack (the drug) is at hand. Most of the organisms will die (and the illness is finished). But some will miraculously survive the onslaught. How? Natural Selection. Their DNA has changed to some degree. Somehow the DNA was modified to produce an antidote to the antibotic. They are slowly becoming a different organism, and quickly becoming a different strain. This is a dangerous problem in hospitals that I’m sure you have all heard about.

The evolution theory lies in the interpretation of this data.

The Creationists may suggest that God has a hand in this to ensure the survival of the disease-causing bacteria. I’ll leave it to someone else to discuss why God would want this.

The Evolutionist may suggest that this is evolution at work. That different strains are a precurser to a different organism on a short time scale. DNA is being mutated and randomized, that is a fact. If it can happen in our hospitals, why couldn’t happen with natural selection out in the environment. Those random combinations which are favorable will help the bacterium survive an antibotic. Those which are not are destroyed.

Christine, I hope that you approach education with an open mind. Learn it. Learn as much as you can. Knowledge is power. Even if you don’t believe in Evolution (many people don’t), do not allow yourself to be ignorant of evolution or any over topic. Once you understand the Theory of Evolution, you can dismiss it knowing that you know the premise of the idea.

As far as teaching it in schools, ignorance is NEVER an option. NEVER.

I don’t believe in the Bible, but I have read both testaments.

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