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To freethinker:

It is too bad it didn’t “stick”- probably b/c u never accepted Jesus as your Savior, i would guess.


Evolution and creation is a serious issue. I believe that since it cannot be proven it shouldn’t be taught in Public schools. I mean, you have to accept the concepts Evolution thru faith since you were not acctually present during the Big Bang or you did not witness Cosmic or Stellar evolution. As a Christian i accept thru faith that God created the Heavens and the Earth… If both have to be accepted by faith than WHY is only ONE taught in school…

The difference is that Evolution is funded by our tax dollars (a gov funded religion!) so…

When I explain this to ppl, how they do accept the religion of Evolution thru faith, they say “Than it’s not different than Christianity, so how come you can’t just ‘accept’evolutin if you accept christianity?”

The difference is Christianity (having a relationship with Jesus Christ) fills the viod in my life. It gives me peace. It performs miracles, the greatest being my salvation thru Jesus Christ. It makes more sense there is MORE EVIDENCE supporting creation (visit icr.org, answersingenesis.org, drdino.com)

So that’s why i don’t believe in evolution, i think it’s “stupid and it sucks” getting back to the original post, and I hope all you really educated scholars out there who believe in Evolution won’t try to tear up my post and go thru it sentence by sentence disproving what i say. FOr a few reasons 1) im only 14

2) u r wrong anyway God says so!

3) I just wanted everyone to know where I stand on this topic.

Thank you and God Bless,

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