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Becca E wrote:

I was reading this book, “Wrath and Glory” about Revelation, and it talks about, after Jesus comes and after the thousand years reign, how the Bible never teaches that we will spend eternity in Heaven. The book says that God is going to reshape the earth that we live on now, and this is where we will spend eternity. I was just wondering if anyone thinks this way or not.

I don’t wish to be flip, but I suppose no matter where we are, if we’re spending an eternity with Jesus, does it matter?

But, you did ask a perfectly good question. I won’t give you my opinion. I just refer you to Revelation 21:1-4. Form your own belief from that….After all, isn’t that what we as Christians should do? Form our beliefs from the Word of God?

I ask the last two questions rhetorically.

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