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This letter has been sent to over 50 of the top, mostly English, Australian and American Catholic Newspapers and priests around the world, with only one response. Please read and respond to the following message. Thank you so much for your kindness. Be blessed and have a nice day.


Ingrid at jabroart@jabroart.com

PS: A list of the names and addresses of the people who received this letter is following. It has to be said, however, that there have been reports in Australian newspapers of e-mails never being received or “lost”.



Dear Sir, Dear Madam,

As a christened, confirmed and “white-married” Protestant, already

having left in my mid-twenties the Lutheran Church because of its

questionable, institutional policy, I felt that church matters were no

longer my business. However, being faced since more than two years by

the extremely unfair, respectless and fact-twisting comments about His

Holiness John Paul II and his papacy in different Australian – and UK

newspapers, I’m left angry and frustrated, wondering, why the clergy of

The Vatican and the Catholic Church’s worldwide community of billions of

believers are not standing up against such disgusting provocation of bad

gossip-journalism and questionable community behavior! It shouldn’t be

allowed, to minimize, understate or even to deny the provable

achievements of the Holy Father for his Church and the rest of the world

– independent of religion, culture or country. Against all odds, one is

for sure: Since 27 years (16.10.1978) The Catholic Church is blessed

having as its head Pope John Paul II being such a beautiful, incredible

humble human, also a highly gifted and broadly educated, respectable

personality with PHD and professor’s appointment at university, by

having taught the subject PHILOSOPHY already at the age of only 35 years

and to the same time was faced with the double burdening, busy life his

clerical duties as a bishop has forced from him since the end of the

Fifties. No doubt, The Holy Father is a genuine witness in faith, an

excellent, UNTOUCHABLE role-model, incredible in his iron

self-discipline and the hero-like management of his papacy’s daily

duties of immense work-task younger and healthier people are unable to

achieve. All the Vatican’s high ranked cardinals are very well advised;



with the poisoning critique, being non-trustworthy but power- hungry,

very worldly and therefore questionable persons not being worth, to fill

in any clergy position!!! In other words: The Pope’s aides Christian and

human duties are, to ask for the top of the worlds’ best medical

advisers in supporting and strengthening The Holy Father’s failing

health to a better! Also, it’s unethical and tasteless but sadly one of

many bad reflections of our today’s messy world with its decay of

traditional values, if already to The Pope’s lifetime the Media’s

jackal-like paparazzi-pack is wondering, who will become the next pope!

After all these fact-twisting comments of the last years it is

essential, that people have the opportunity to develop their own

precious, non-influenced mind by visiting the Vatican’s informative

Website at: http://www.vatican.va./holy_father/john_paul_ii/. It is also

essential, that the broad public knows more about the unbearable task of

duties, John Paul II is permanently faced during his papacy, reflected

in my following reprint of one weeks’ tough task only, originally edited

by J. Cornwell and described below in his own words, likewise “… a week

of executive activities sufficient to exhaust a man half his age”: “…He

has met President Vladimir Putin of Russia and President Mary McAleese

of Ireland; chaired an international conference on depression; published

a statement on cultural difference; appointed a dozen bishops; lectured

members of the Polish union Solidarity; and presided over a world

congress on pastoral care for migrants and refugees. On the previous day

he had preached to visitors from Croatia; encouraged the contribution of

Christianity in the new European constitution; met the council of the

synods of bishops; beatified five candidates for sainthood; met and

spoke with a delegation from Palestine; and issued a statement to the

Pontifical Academy of the Sciences on GM crops and stem cells. In

addition, these three days included, in theory, his absorption of a

torrent of paperwork from dozens of Vatican departments that regulate

the church worldwide. In theory, he maintains daily contact with all the

national bishops in about 110 countries. Moreover, more than 3000 of

these bishops come to Rome for regular “personal meetings” with him …”

and so forth. Mr. Cornwell continues: “…an avid member of the curia, the

Vatican bureaucracy, told me that the Pope “takes the strain of all this

in a very real and personal way …” which means in clear text that the

above mentioned “theory” is, indeed, nothing than a daily practiced

tough task of duties to be performed by The Holy Father personally.

The publishing of such confirming statements are just essential, to

avoid a dangerous, false statement about The Pope’s provable, immensely

positive achievements during his whole clerical life and especially

during the inhuman hard and burdening task his papacy is demanding! One

is for sure: Not only the Catholics have a right, to be informed about

John Paul II’s positive achievements and the content of his incredible

huge workload daily to manage, but the rest of the world too. In other

words: The PR for The Vatican and its great, impressive, admirable and

well loved Pope can’t be reduced only to monthly published insider

magazines and the occasionally publishing of Vatican’s “schedules”, BUT



Human’s nature is about that some people are ungraceful and forgetful

and some aren’t. When The Holy Father was still 27 years younger,

healthier and a very good looking but respectable personality with a

great, infectious smile, people were cheering: “John Paul TWO We Love

YOU” and the Londoner newspaper “Times” had a headline which described

The Holy Father as a “SUPERSTAR”! Where are these people now? Today,

nearly three decades later, The Holy Father confirms BEING LIVING

HISTORY AT ITS BEST with many, provable achievements in CREATING

OPPORTUNITIES for a better world he has managed successfully behind the

scene in his incredible humbleness. These positive, historical valuable

achievements were done by him in his diplomatic wisdom whereby here only

a few can be mentioned, such as: A.) The fall of Communism in Russia,

B.) The strengthening of the Catholic Church in Poland, C.) The resign

of Chile’s dictator Pinochet, D.) The reconciliation of the Catholic

Church with the Greek Orthodox Church, E.) His immense efforts, to

combine Christianity, Judaism and Islam in view of more understanding

for each other by personal meetings with their countries’ religious and

political leaders, F.) The good advice, to avoid the illegal, military

invasion into Iraq by giving personal audiences to the political leaders

of those countries prepared to join into that gruesome war, hoping, he

can change their mind and so forth. (It must have been for The Holy

Father very disappointing that even his guest – and home countries’

leaders didn’t want to take his good and responsible advice contra that

illegality with the effective result of a horrendous mess, future

generations still have to pay for!) After all, today, His Holiness

deserves much more our love and admiration than ever before, because

John Paul II does not want to give up fulfilling his daily, immense

workload for all peoples’ welfare he sees as his duty managing properly,

despite age and illness! Now, even seriously ill, The Holy Father has

read, in iron self-discipline, The Mass from his hospital room for

comforting his people all over the world and with this heroic act,

again, he is confirming being doubtlessly THE positive role-model for

all of us as an impressive, responsible witness in faith! This permanent

fight of a great, unbroken spirit against age and bodily weakness does

make John Paul II to a real SUPERSTAR and a hero in each way and demands

our deepest respect! Like mentioned before, its common knowledge that

peoples’ mind is very influential by changing permanently into the one

or other direction likewise a flag – however, in case of The Holy Father

most of his people still are keeping him their loyalty what means: In

all circumstances a genetic “Alpha-Male” always has his cheering

auditorium and never, ever gives up!

Personally, I do feel very much comforted in the knowledge, that each

day His Holiness John Paul II is genuinely praying for all of us, thus

my childhood-prayers haven’t matured into adulthood. Please, send this

unique and great Pope all your greetings and best WELL WISHING and LOVE

for comforting him in his unbearable situation supposed being surrounded

by some greedy persons waiting impatiently, to fill in his position he

never should be forced to give up, if he is refusing to do so, because

Parkinson disease does not affect the intellectual property but the

motored system of muscles and nerves only! Also, this illness does not

trigger any kind of mental illnesses because they do affect another

system of chemicals and neurons in the brain-cells! One is for sure, the

last 27 years during his papacy this highly gifted, honest and wise man

has built around him a team of trustworthy top clericals being able in a

professional manner, to ease his inhuman burdening workload to a

reasonable grade. Regarding the extremely tough task of his busy papacy

which The Holy Father has managed to present in an excellent manner,

this special kind of heroism reminds on another highly gifted academic,

Professor Dr. Stephen Hawking. Being an extraordinary physicist, Mr.

Hawking has developed his genial ideas despite battered by a different,

rare muscle – and nerve disease, tied in his wheelchair since his mid


At last, but not least: Pope John Paul II is the living symbol having

succeeded in the most difficult task for transforming Christian

religion’s positive theoretical ideology into the performing of daily

reality’s demands.

Thank you so much for your friendly attention. Be blessed with good

people you count on most…..

Sincerely, Ingrid at jabroart@jabroart.com.

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