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Please pray for family.Father,ex-husband’s death.

Mother is very sick.Mother had surgery 4 weeks ago,

and needs more heart surgery in 3 weeks.She has much

water in her body. Family was divided due to

dysfunction. Father excluded several people fromm

funeral. Pray for ability to function,pray for how to

deal with each other. Pray for me, I had to explain

the dysfunction to my employer because I was told

about his death at work. I was not able to take the

entire death benefit because he was already buried

when I found out about it. Please pray because I am

extremely embarrassed I had to tell my coworkers that

my father did not want me at his funeral. I had gone

back to my hometown the weekend before. To an

outsider, it seems extremely weird. I have one day off

to get myself together to work and start on line classes.

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