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I am a campus technology coordinator for a middle school in Texas… I have my office in the school library whereby there are some windows that look out into the library. I displayed a poster on one of the windows, facing the library, back in August that Reads as follows: “He shall be known as:…. This poster goes on to list all the different names God is known by. Under each name there is a verse that is listed as a reference to where you can find this particular name for God in the Bible. Now, there is no promotion of any one religion on this poster…it simply list many names that God is known by. The problem I ran into was that a campus administrator, whom has seen this poster all year long, took it upon herself to enter my office and take it down and tape it on the backside of my office door where only I could see it. What I want to know is do I have a right to diplay my poster of the names of God or is this some kind of violation of Church and State? Can someone please help

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