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My thoughts to this is that God most certainly speaks to us. I believe he chooses to communicate in a broad amount of ways. I feel like he can use dreams, visions and even other people to try to communicate with us. I do not think it always has to be from a divine stand point all the time, although, I know that ocurrs as well. This is just my personal reflection to this topic!

soulthirsty wrote:

Does God still speak to us? Again I am asking a question with already having an answer but would like some other opinions. Does God still speak to us? I say yes and I say praise the Lord for it. God wants a relationship with us and just like earthly relationships communication is a two way street. I have more to say on this subject but I will keep silent till I hear some thoughts from others… but before I go I ask these questions:

1. If God still speaks to us, in what ways does He speak to us?

2. In what ways has God spoken to you?

3. If you don’t believe God speaks to us still can you please tell me why you believe that? And oh, I’d love some scripture references too because I don’t see that at all in the bible (which of course is one of the ways He speaks to us)


God bless you all,

Praise God He is Lord of one thirsty soul (Ps.63:1)

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