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Question to previous post:

If God does not speak to us “as yet”, as you put it, then how did those who wrote the Old Testament know what to write? I’m speaking of the prophetic writings, not the historical documentations. Does God only speak to certain people at certain times in history? I think not! HE is the same–yesterday, today, and tomorrow! HE speaks to all of us in HIS still small voice. Jesus said, “My sheep know MY voice, and another they will not follow”. I think the scientific term is called “conscience”; although, only a Spirit filled conscience will know it to be God. We may not hear whisperings of predictions or things to come, but we certainly do hear HIS voice in our spirit. The Holly Spirit guides us into all truth; and of course, that truth will always correspond with the written word. If God spoke to men of ancient times–then HE still speaks today! Maybe we just can’t hear HIM as well as they did. No wonder HE said, “Be still and know that I am God”.

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