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rio jarijo

i no thr is a verse in the bible that clearly state that He doesnt hav any favorites,but im just confused about one thing or should i say ppl sometimes esp. sinners make me re-think again of one thing….

ok lets say…

1)there is an accident whr in that particular car thr are 2 best friends,one a born-again christian and the other one not,and in that accident the born-again dies and the unbeliever revive.

2)and if u have to turn the story around and say that the unbeliever dies and the one not.

so my question is…if we christians are in God’s favor 42/7,shouldnt He be by our sides all the time? and protect us?,so what do u think of this story or post?

did the christian died becoz he/her time has come?

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