Home Forums Does dating have a place in christianity?

Emmanuel M.

Ive been wondering for the last little while about christians and dating, especially teens. When dating is talked about outside of christianity, sex is pretty closely involved, and with teens trying and experimenting what its like, i have to ask does dating really have any place in christianity. im not neccesarily condemning it, seeing as that would be hypocritic, but im just curious, as to what others think about it. When guy and girl are going out, there’s so much pressure surrounding them to try sex, and their girl/boyfriend is not neccasarily who they’ll spend their life with. So if anyone else has thoughts about this, id appreciate hearing them.

And just a word of encouragement to the girls who have made a choice to be absitinent; You’re beautiful in Christ, stay beautiful in Christ. You dont know how much it means to the few of us guys that are staying abstinent.

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