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Genesis 4:10; “What hast thou done” (G-d said) “The voice of thy brother’s blood crieth unto me from the ground”

We all know the story of how Cain killed his brother Abel, in a fit of rage and jealousy, because he didn’t offer the right sacrifice to G-d, (but he knew the right way because his father Adam taught them both) When Cain and Abel were in the field,Cain killed his brother, either by cutting his throat or hitting him with a rock, the reason I say “cutting” is because that was the way he saw his father sacrificing animals, but only G-d knows for sure how Cain killed his brother.

But, did Cain ONLY kill his brother, or did he murder a whole nation? the question is answered when we look at the Hebrew word for “blood” which is “Dam” but in this verse, the word is “damei”

This would be plural form, or in English “bloods” why “damei?” we can only say that not only did Cain kill his brother, but also, all of Abel’s decendents that never had a chance to be born

no wonder the verse says, “Your brother’s “bloods” CRY out”

the “crying out” could refer the the souls of those who never had a chance to be born, and are crying for vengence,

The Talmud says: He who murders one is as if he has murdered a nation” . If Abel had lived, who would be alive today? how many more would have been aboard the ark with Noach and his family?

We will never know, Life is precious, and eternal life in Heaven even more, are you sure that your eternal life will be in Heaven? Is Yeshua (Jesus) your Saviour and Redeemer Messiah?

Rabbi James

Beth Yeshua Synagogue Sephardic Fellowship

Houston, Texas

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