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My fiance and I are in desperate need of prayer. I am trying to recover from crack cocaine. My addiction has left his heart in great turmoil and has caused him to lose jobs. He is a wonderful man, treats me like a princess and works very hard to provide for our home. Due to my running off all the time to go use-he is in constant turmoil and has brought us to a point of desolation as far as finances go. I have caused him to lose job after job. He does not deserve this-I am back and am willing to do anything to stay clean. Please pray for him-his name is Michael. Please pray that God will provide a job for him-we have no money. The phone is about to be cut off-house payment coming up-his child support-we have no food. He is feeling very worthless and needs a miracle. Please ask to God to give him his faith back-his hope is almost gone. We are waiting this very moment to hear about a job-please pray that he gets it. In the meantime I don’t know how we’re going to make it. Please join me in prayer that God will provide everything we need. Thank you and God Bless.

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