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I know this is a place for prayer, but I’m not sure I understand the situation. It sounds like you and the b/f are living together and you are an addict (recovering? or intending to?).

These things need to be straightened out in your hearts and/or in the physical before God can help you. You both need to turn over your lives to Him and repent for ALL sins. Repent means to turn around and walk away from them – that means not repeating them.

When your heart is wholly for the Lord and you want Him and only Him, then He can take over your life and work miracles in it. Then you will be His child. Until then, you are simply the kid up the block.

I am sorry if this sounds harsh. I don’t mean it to. But God is not a disneyland daddy, and your relationship with Him should not be about things. It should be about your heart and realizing that you have partaken in Jesus’s crucifiction. That, like all of us, you are guilty of hammering the nails into his hands. Once any of us realize who we are and what we have done to HIM, THEN the revulsion drives us to his feet to beg forgiveness.

Lord, Jesus, I pray that these two people would realize who You are and also what they have done. I pray that their hard hearts toward you would soften and that their desire to run their own lives would depart. Lord, you are all in all for everyone of us, but it is up to us to come to you on our knees. I pray that these two would do so. Thank you, Lord, that you always have forgiveness for the repentant and that you have a plan for each of our lives if we will only turn them over to you.

Thank you that you always hear and answer my prayer. I ask these things in your Name, amen.

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