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My husband and I are missionaries in Haiti. I have a prayer request for a little girl in our community. Her name is Jaylos. She is about 12 years old. She became very sick about 2 weeks ago and the doctor thinks she has a degenerative nerve disorder. Her father is a new christian in our church and her family is the poorest in the community. There are 8 young children in her family. Her mother is blind. The father was going to sell his only piece of farmland to pay for hospital bills, but we had to tell him that the doctors cannot help her. It has been very hard on the family. We ask that you pray for this little girl and her family. Jaylos says she is a christian, but we don’t know this for sure. Please also pray that I can be an example to the family and that I will be able to share the gospel with the rest of the family and others in the community because of this little girl.

In Christ,

Rachelle Unruh


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