Gabrielle in order to answer your question best,ask yourself what the purpose of teen dating is.Certainly it can not be to find a marriage partner.Teen marriages almost never last.There’s the immaturity problem which you’re not able to understand until you grow older and more mature.

Certainly it can’t be to find Mr.Right.After high school classmates separate from each other to go to college or a job requiring relocation.But ther’s an even more gross problem that few people warn teens about.When people get away from their parents,they frequently CHANGE RADICALLY.The Holy Spirit told me to give you this warning.The change,frequently involving morals and lifestyle,can be positive or negitive.Frequently religious teens completely turn their backs on God when they get into secular colleges and become brainwashed by atheist professors.

Certainly the purpose of dating can not be to “get to know the opposite sex”.Those who practice that philosophy usually decide to get to know sex which to them seems like a logical idea.Teens should become familiar with the opposite sex in group settings instead of the high-risk activity of solo dating.As a good example I know a girl who went on a “safe” date to a classmate’s home while his mother was there.While driving her home,the guy pulled into a parking lot and raped her.In today’s society,dating almost always involves some type of sex including “innocent sex” such as oral intercourse or as the Bible calls it,fornication.

Certainly dating can not be to “just have fun”.The United States has become the most morally perverted nation in the entire history of the world so almost all of our “fun” activities involve sex,violence and/or drugs of some variety.

Here’s a really good Bible verse that addresses dating:HE WHO LOVES THE WORLD IS AN ENEMY OF GOD.Guys who practice that teaching,aren’t interested in dating.

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