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What is the difference between a “Cult;” and a non-Christian Religion?

I think there are many myths about what a cult is; and how to describe same from the Bible only.

Would we say that Islam/Muslims are a cult? Think carefully about the answer to this. Most definitions I have seen for what a cult is, really just amounts to doctrinal differences.

Given what the term “cult” usually insinuates in our society today; would it be Biblically accurate to label all that we disagree with as “cult?”

I am doing ongoing research into what people say a cult is; and what the Bible might have to say about it. I will appreciate feedback from others who are or have studied the topic too.

I would like to challenge posters here to try and find Bible examples of a cult, and then compare this to what we usually say a cult is.

Very few “apologetics” web sites or ministries would have such info on their web sites. I have visited and studied with a number of them now, and most answers go along the lines of: “Well, the word “cult” is not actually in the Bible, so we have to go with these other definitions.”

Those definitions; I have found to be mostly phsychology, or just plain bigotry.

I will give two hints to get us started for this topic:

1/ When we study the life of Jesus, from the Bible, we will see various cults try to influence/harm Jesus.

2/ While the word “cult” is not in the Bible; we must note that it is like the word “Trinity.” That word is also not in the Bible; but we know that the trinity, as in the three persons of the Godhead, is in the Bible.

There are good Biblical examples of what a cult is; and it is a sad fact that most definitions we see today of a cult, simply do not fit.

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