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I’ve been involved in clown ministry for a couple years through Broken Bread Clowns. We have adult clowns, and then we have “crewtons” which are our teen leaders, and then we have “crumbs” which are our new younger clowns who are not yet into full clown makeup and character but learning the ropes. We are expanding our repertory but continuity in the group has been a struggle, whether due to lack of time or credibility that clowning can be a ministry. Because of this it always seems we have to do the same training over and over again, which of course loses some of the seasoned clowns. Yes I know this is ministry and people should commit as such but we haven’t seen this happen due to so many other available ministries in our church. While we have an awesome core group it at times is quite disheartening. Anyone have any thoughts or ideas on any of this????

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