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It is nice to know some up and coming artists are christian. Like Clay Aiken. So far, I have seen him to be above reproach and up to the challenge of not being caught up in the fame. It is great to hear him thank God for putting him a position to do what he likes…namely using his God given talent to sing. I went to hear him before he was discovered. He did christian/gospel songs in the last quarter of the show that brought the house down!!! Then he auditioned for AI and look what happened. He was on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine wearing his WWJD bracelet. The interview, from a christian standpoint was excellent. He did us proud. His new CD “The Measure of a Man” is good too. Inside there is a message written by Clay telling just what God and Jesus mean to him. I almost cried…so beautiful. He is currently being played on secular radio and I think he could have some real influence out there. I personally can’t wait till he does a gospel type CD because I think that is his true calling.

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