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I am noticing a good portion of our American politics (and politicians)are being controlled by Christian groups, mostly right of centrist. I do not think that this is a good idea. No matter how one wants to define our governemnt, or American foundations, our true strength is not just economic and military. This democracy works because every voice, even unpopular ones are given equal weight, and every idea the same. Through the design of our governemnt, the voices of the minority, and those who have views that are unpopular can’t be hushed.

You may want to argue that the religious voices have been shut out of the political arena for quite a while, and that is why we see such moral decay in this country. I say, that if this is true, (but I doubt it) your voice has been protected by the very things the religious want to shut out, now that they have gained a foothold of the power structure.

When we institutionally narrow the views to shut out some voices as being “radical, or liberal, or activist” we loose the sence of equality. I would argue that anti slavery in it’s time, civil rights in the 50’s and early 60’s would have been unpopular, radical, liberal, and activist also, and if we had that view then, we would still have institutional racism, which was in it self, unequality.

If you really think about it, Jesus was unpopular, radical, liberal, and activist in his time on earth, but he changed the world for the good. Had he been shut out before he could get his message out, where would we be now?

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