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Our nation stands at a crossroads that offers decidedly different possibilities for the future of our country because of the positions held by candidates on a host of policy issues: healthcare access, religious freedom, taxes, jobs, abortion, gambling and same-sex “marriage.”

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Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family has stated that the future of our nation “depends on concerned Christians going to the polls to reflect their deeply held convictions”

Dr. Richard Land, president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, also has underscored the importance of Christian participation in the upcoming elections. Moreover he has cautioned Christians not to endorse political parties but to support candidates who endorse Christian beliefs.

“Our loyalty does not belong to any party. Our loyalty does not belong to our family tradition. Our loyalty does not belong to any region of the country,” he said. “Our loyalty belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ.”

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In 2000, an estimated 20 million evangelicals failed to vote. In addition, some estimates show that only half of the self identified evangelicals were registered in 2000. Such political disengagement among Christians threatens to allow the destruction of the moral foundations of our country. The following resources are offered to encourage Christians to participate in the 2004 elections and to equip them to make decisions and develop opinions that are informed from a perspective of faith.

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