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For a Jew, circumcision identifies them but as what? It was established by GOD to identify them or to set them apart from all others as belonging to I AM (or whatever name you call HIM). Vishnu is right when he also declares that their converts would be circumcised.

The Sabbath was established to give man rest. It was also established as a day set aside from the things of the world in order to worship I AM.

When we accept JESUS we become circumcised of the heart and the Law of the LORD is written upon our heart. We then do things not because of some requirement or legal obligation but because it is simply a part of who we are. We keep “A” day (any day) set as our time to rest and to worship I AM. We start every morning as time with HIM because HE is more important to us than the air we breath. We start everyday with HIM because HIS mercy (which we MUST have) is new every morning and we need it newly every morning.

Keeping the Sabbath is a [purple]legal[/purple] requirement of the Law, the Torah, the first five books of the Bible. In JESUS this was fulfilled. As we accept HIM and idendify with HIM. As we are circumcised or set apart from this world in HIM. We no longer do the things of I AM out of requirement but as a part of who we are. The things of I AM are now written upon our heart. As we live, we are now to express JESUS in everything we do for we, the natural man, is dead to HIM and HE did not [purple]legally[/purple]” keep the Sabbath.

HE kept it to a point but HE also violated it. HE healed on it. HE told others to work on it (pick up your bed and walk). HE allowed HIS followers, HIS leaders to violate it (the Disciples picking, cleaning and eating corn). Since HE did not keep the Sabbath all the time it would not be considered A sign of us as followers of HIM if we did. In fact [purple]legally[/purple] upholding it would identify us as being in bondage still. The exact bondage HE came to free us from.

JESUS is our existance! HE is who is living in this shell that we identfy as “us”. HE kept and still keeps through us everyday as A day dedicated to I AM. HE devoted and devotes time everyday to I AM.

It is no longer a [purple]legal[/purple] obligation for us to keep the Sabbath, but as JESUS said the Sabbath was established for “us”. It was a time established to renew our strength both physically and spiritually. Thus we must still keep A Sabbath, a day of rejuvenation and worship or devotion but any day will do.

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