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Will you do me a favor? Pastors and church leaders are needed to answer five quick questions. The results will be compared to many others in order to help churches in the Midwest.

1) What kind of Christian entertainment most intrest you?

a)Comedy b)Illusions c) Speaker d) A combonation of these

2) Have you ever had a Christian entertainer at your church before? YES – NO

What did you think of it?

3) What is the biggest problem you have at your church?

4) What are you looking for to solve the problem?

5) If I had an entertaining Christian theme show (performance) to answer the problems what should the theme be?

You DO NOT need to give the name of your church. yYou can either leave your answers here or email them to me at vandecarr@msn.com

If you email me please type church survey as the subject.

God Bless,

Mike V

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