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Sherry W

I just talked to my son Brad who is still being held prisoner in Mexico. He has developed a rash that goes from under his arms down and around his mid section in a circle then down to his knees. His behind is so full of this rash that he cannot even sitr down. It itches so bad and he has scratched til he bleeds. He was told that the prison has nothing to help him with this. Please pray that the rash will soon go away, or something can be used to take the pain and itching away.

Thanks again for your prayers, and may God move soon to bring him home.

Lord God, you know who I am. I pray most earnestly for my son Brad and ask that you send your healing powers upon him Lord. I pray Lord that this rash that is afflicting Brad’s body be dispearsed and never to come back. He has done good things for you Lord while incarcerated and most urgently wants to come home. I pray your will be done and believe for Brad’s immediate release. This I pray in Jesus name.


Brad’s mom

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