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GodzGirl wrote:

The King James Version was translated and produced so that the masses could read the Word of God – Because the majority of the English-speaking world did not speak Greek or Latin. This is a very important translation historically. However, I personally don’t speak old Queen’s English. I am an American in 2002, and I need a Bible translation in my language. Does anyone complain that the Spanish or Swahili translation is invalid because it is not KJV?

We tend to get to tied up in religous & doctrinal debates to do what God has called us to do – Reach the lost & dying world. I doubt that God cares which Bible translation we use. It is the message of God’s love, grace, mercy, salvation & healing that Jesus preached. I believe that whatever translation it takes to reach the people is the best one.

I teach innercity kids each week at sidewalk Sunday School program. I don’t want them to get so lost in the thou’s and whosoever’s that they miss my message.

Great response! Well said.

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