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Bro. Al wrote:

Since you yourself bring up the topic, did you know that King James himself was a homosexual? His paramour was George Villiers, the Duke of Buckingham, one of his chief advisors. Does this contaminate the KJV and if not, why not?

No. He did not write it. All he did was pay for it to be translated.

Your question is like saying just becaus bill Gates is gay (which he is not) does that taint your computer? Silly don’t you think?

There is another very good translation on the Internet market that was translated by a group of South African Sabbath keepers that is very good as well. AZA may have listed it earlier but I have bought one and I really like it. It is called, “The Scriptures” and you can buy one at or you can refer to it just like with the Blue Letter Bible on that same page.

They also offer a highly biased book about their beliefs called, “Come Out of Her My People” at this same location.

The Scriptures seem to be free of prejudice other than a preference to use original names such as Elohim, Bereshith (Genesis), Yehoshua (Joshua) And they do not use an English word for JESUS at all. They only write HIS name in Hebrew. Also the order of the Books is different. Thus it is a difficult but very good (acurate) translation. I recommend it to anyone who is serious but “trying” to be acurate in your understanding or in your teaching of the word. It was written in 1995 and I think anyone who cares enough to have a Young’s Literal Translation – 1862, sholud also have The Scriptures.

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