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Perhaps it would help if you were to use a tool, I find very helpful and allows the reader to see the variations in the Translations. Its called 26 Translations of the Bible and it is a 3 volume set (2 OT and 1 NT Volume) As for myself, I happen to be fortunate as I had GreeK and Hebrew in seminary so I translate verses as part of my daily study. However I know not everyone can or is willing to do that. The next best thing is this 3 volume set. It allows the reader to see alot more clearly what the original intent was and perhaps gain a clearer picture of what the original language had in mind. One other too is the Amplified bible. It is not a bible for memorization but it does help make the Original language clearer. One last thought we need to all keep in mind. His word is just that, he is able to protect it through translation. The Holy Spirit helps us to understand it in the first place.

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