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Here’s the problem with the whole debate. No matter what version you use they all are translations. If anyone has truly done any research on KJV then you will find that it is a translation that is from the Latin Valugate. In other words it did not come from the greek or hebrew text. It was written so that the common Protestants would have language of the Bible that they could understand. So to go from the Latin to Old English you may lose some literal sense of the text. But this DOESN’T make it or any other translation wrong. The word of God is the word of God. If you want to argue about translations then attack the Mormon Bible, the Kuran or some other text that is not inspired by God stop attacking KJV, NIV, NKJV, NASB, NLT, CEV, or any other Holy Bible. And by the way there are maybe 1% who have actually seen a 1611 KJV if you haven’t go to a seminary library they would have a copy. I know doctoral students that can’t read that. The KJV you have is not the original 1611 is a middle english translation which means it is no where close to the language you speak today.

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