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Joel Phillips wrote:

you know, in midieval times they killed left-handed people because they thought they were cursed. That is what I think about Bible “translations”. I think they all matter because they’re just a different outlook on the truth. Will we bicker until God has to show us that on the day of judgement?

p.s. to bsays, Acts 8:37 is footnoted in the NIV. The intent of newer translations was not to disprove older ones, but to improve and bring a possibly clearer meaning. If you thoroughly check any Bible translation, the message is still the same.

Joel, although you will find most agree with you, This is a sincere question for New Beleivers and a good one. For instance would we want to give a New Beleiver a Mormon Bible or a Jehovah witness bible. If the body remains ignorant, where does a new beleiver turn to? Flippant band-aid answers do not minister to anyone. When God admonishes us to “reason together” we must do it biblically (further agreement with you). I get asked this question allot as I am heavily involved in evangelism, and new beleiver ministries. I think it is a good question, and I do not want to be a stumbling block to a sincere and contrite seeker. I would encourage you to check the links above in the Heart of Heb 10:23-25. May God bless you in your ministry and as a tool for new seekers!

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