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maybe the kjb is one of the most reliable sources out there as to direct translation. but it is mostly reflecting the speech of the times of king james himself, not the bible. but, the more translations there are of another translation, the more a work can be twisted and misconstrued, because it filters the true meaning of the bible. its like using a translation, which doesnt even relflect the true meaning of the works, and trying to translate that one. the meanings get lost in trying to make it easier to understand. just take your time with a primary or secondary translation, instead of trying to make another one, where you just really confuse it even more, and dont even get all of the good out of it. try making some tea, then turn around and make another batch with the same bag(s). it gets weaker, doesnt it? the earlier the translation, the more true meaning you can get out of it, even if its not the origional. youre still closer than if you used one like the NIV.

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