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Pastor Eric Aschendorf wrote:

Bro. Derek,

Earlier you mentioned

“2. They shall be grammatically correct.

3. They shall be understandable”

By these two points you prove that the NIV will not be accurate simply because to make it “grammatically correct or understandable” means that it must be changed from what it is.

Bro. Brennan,

The Young’s Literal Translation is derived from the “Received Text” which only applies to the Greek Text.

Pastor E! Thanks for the correction, I should have been much clearer and letting everyone know that they bullet point I referenced and you correct me on were from the Lockman Foundations committement to the New American Standard Biblehttp://www.lockman.orga copy of the commitment can be found in full, along with thier mission statement at this site. Regarding all other translations, the following site is the best resource for ending the translation debate:….I found it last week in hopes that I would find a reference that was unbiased, and showed the TRUTH and FACTS about reliability, validity of translation, but also showed that your not saved by the translation, but by Jesus Christ’s blood on the cross at calvery. Hope that helped! Have a sparkling day!

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