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Pastor Eric Aschendorf wrote:

Bro. Derek,

I use the NISB which is the newest version of the NASB but I use it for myself. For public consumption I use the KJV as a “standard”. It gives us all the same page of music to sing from, so to speak. It is also a very easily obtained version for most people as it is often found in even the cheapest of retail stores that have Bibles such as “Dollar General”. For a lot of the people I witness to this is there primary store to uy from.

Did you read the articles I referenced? I used to buy the “Dollar General” bibles, but realized that this became a stumbling block to New Beleivers, now I buy cases of NIV NT for New Beleivers. I also encourage them to read the NT for 2 years before even going to the OT. Phillip Yancey has a great book on how to address this with NEW Beleivers in, “How to study the bible”. Regarding personal study….I concur…with this…what ever works for you to get the message. I also neglected to mention that I also use software ( with ALL the bibles, commentaries, and dictionary plug-ins, so that I can compare them, and then I use concordances for Hebrew and Greek word studies.

NISB? Where can I find out about this?

(side note: I recently had a debate with a pastor in person regarding the KJV and the words in translation that do not accurately give the meaning or context of which they were intended from the Aramaic.) One of the questions I had for him was, “what was the original language of the bible? and followed up with, “What languague was the KJV translated from?” It was an interesting conversation……

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